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Bhoominathan is an astronaut at NASA who has to resolve an unfinished business in his village before taking off to Mars.

Collections: Lakshman

Genres: Drama



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Runtime:  2 h 07 min
Country:   India
Language:  Tamil
Release Date:  14 January 2021


Bhoominathan is a NASA scientist who discovers that plant life can exist on Mars by adjusting certain anaerobic conditions needed for survival. he’s highly praised by his peers for his discovery. While on a one-month vacation in Tamil Nadu , he discovers that his village is suffering from drought and therefore the underwater reservoir of his land has been drained away for futile purposes by certain corporations. He’s also dismayed to seek out out that his uncle, who is an agriculturalists, is burdened with farm debts thanks to the scarcity of water system in his village. His uncle had tried to mapped out this issue rigorously with the local MLA, the district collector and therefore the administration but vainly , and eventually, he succumbs to the pressure by burning himself. Unable to face up to the grief over the death of his uncle, Bhoominathan vows to avenge Richard Child, the chief of the leading corporate (who is that the main villain during this story), by summoning him to the court of law. Still, his attempts go unrecognised before the villain’s money and might. However, Bhoominathan decides to fight it call at an intelligent way by gaining the trust of his village people and by starting his own trusted corporate ‘Thamizhan’ by the village people and therefore the corporate company’s former employees, despite facing many obstacles. Finally, he succeeds in his attempts and reclaims and replenishes his land using the knowledge of his hybrid plant technology that he had learnt within the past and saves his land and his people from drought.

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